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Short on budget… here are some ideas:

jessicaBy bringing me to your campus when I am already in your region, you save hundreds of dollars. Why? I share savings in travel and take off a flat rate for each of the campuses that joins a block of schools. If you are interested in booking me, contact your area (local or statewide) high schools, universities, colleges, community colleges, associations, etc., and see if block booking options are possible. (Flat rate varies depending on the number of contracts. I define area as anything within a three-hour drive.)

I can also send out what I call a block booking email to people on my mailing list when I know that I will be in an area for an extended period of time. This is a great way for you to also get a discount and can take advantage of me being within driving distance or just a commuter flight or train away.

How this really works: Jess flies into a major airport and stays in a centrally located hotel. She can drive up to a three-hour radius, fly in and out of the airport, or be picked up at the hotel for a number of presentations while sharing the expenses with everyone in the discounted deal. Boom — everyone saves money and I have a reason to get out of my hotel and change the world.



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