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Gender This!
(Typically, I would encourage a trans or gender based program be entitled Gender This!, and then depending on time and the level of knowledge that is in the room at the point of the program, I will flow between the following programs).

This workshop is a very basic workshop introducing the concept of gender as a social construct and how gender expression changes through class, culture, and time. This workshop is very interactive and provides a safe place for all sorts of questions regarding identity, language, sex, sexuality, and gender perception.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • To recognize three of their own stereotypes/assumptions about gender
  • To understand and evaluate three stereotypes about gender that are supported by US culture
  • To reorganize traditional gender perceptions based on the realities of judgments and assumptions

Fun Triangle

After doing transgender education for a number of years, this program developed around the triangulation of sex, gender, and sexual identity and the connections between sexism and heterosexism. By clearly depicting the differences and dependence of these three words that are often used synonymously, we can then begin a deeper conversation regarding current policies and procedures on campus. Understanding these differences can be made very simple so that next steps can be planned for campuses and organizations that may not be easy to implement.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To define sexual identity, gender identity and sex
  • To recognize the difference between sex, sexual identity and gender identity
  • To describe how sexism and heterosexism are perpetuated by the conflation of sexual identity, gender identity, and sex

Comment from attendee:
“Jessica was very animated and information. She is a very good speaker and made me think about our culture and question it.”


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