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Getting There!

Take the leap and really go there bring together a group of folks at your organization to hold a real no-BS conversation about campus and current events.

Join the Go There! Team for only $27, and receive the following:

  • Downloadable Facilitation Guide PDF that includes: Hosting Tips, Marketing Suggestions, Digital Flyer Template, Electronic link to logos, flyer, and all materials, “Parking Lot” topics list, Going There article
  • Personal invitation to national Go There! call
  • Bulk rate discount for Notice Notes – Weekly Reflection Journal to keep the conversation going between Go There conversations

Join the Go There! Team

Go There!

You are invited:
Join Jessica's Go There! monthly conference call.

Attendees provide a safe space for others and themselves to share; learn; discuss; and engage each other in challenging conversation about current events, campus occurrences, and personal development.

No Safe Space Rules! No Guidelines! No Peace Keeper! No Debriefing! Just one thing... Go there! Join us, ask questions, talk about current events, and engage in deep conversations about social justice issues.

The next national call is scheduled for Friday, October 9th
12pm PDT, 1pm MDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT

There is no charge to join the call. Please be on time. Callers introduce themselves and conversation will begin five (5) minutes after the start of the call. Calls will be about an hour in length..

To Join In:
*NEW* Dial-in Number: 1-857-216-6700
Bridge Number: 461468

"I believe that participating in a Go There! conversation was a 'gift' to myself... When I made sure to carve time out of my hectic schedule to spend at least one hour discussing social justice on my campus, I discovered that it recharged my battery and enabled me to stay 'in' the work; to commit to the process even when I felt that too many other things demanded my attention. I can't say enough about how beneficial participating in Go There! has been. It's a place to refuel, laugh, cry, learn and challenge myself!"
Brian Shimamoto, University of Colorado - Boulder

"I have appreciated these calls so much! I have utilized the call as a space and a place to take a break from my day to day activities at work, and dedicate myself to reflection and dialogue around Social Justice."
Ashley Olson, Sociocultural Coordinator – Student Life Department, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

"The Go There! Conference Call provided an opportunity to process and discuss social justice concerns we've encountered in our workplaces and home lives. This month's call was particularly timely in light of the increased attention that the media has recently given to issues of race, gender, religion and age as they relate to the presidential election."
Wanda D. Tyler, M.A. N.C.C., University of New Haven

"This was an excellent way for me to hear how people are working on similar and various social justice concerns. It was wonderful to have a multitude of different perspectives present and think with people about how to move forward in our work. I connected with people from across the nation and there was no hesitation to dive into a discussion. This is a great way to connect and build allies."
Jordon Johnson, PhD. Student American Studies, University of New Mexico

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