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I have been in your shoes:

I got the Student Affairs bug while working as an RA and running orientation at a small private liberal arts college in Arkansas. I told my hall director my senior year that I just wanted to be an RA when I grew up. So I went to South Carolina and got a Masters in Higher Education Administration completing internships and practica in every student services office on campus including the First Year Experience Center, Greek Life, International Student Services, Residence Life, and Campus Activities. I then worked as a Hall Director in Oregon, Programming Advisor for LGBT Center, started LGBT and Women’s support services inside a Multicultural Office and established a Center for Social Justice Leadership in Arizona, worked as a Presidential advisor for Diversity in California, and taught some intercultural communication classes along the way.

What I have learned from planning my own programming is that you want a speaker/trainer to come in, know about your campus and its surrounding community, be flexible with participants, room set up, and topics, be low maintenance and maybe even fun to work with, have little to no needs, and deliver more than you budgeted. When you book me, I am happy to do what I call “drive-by consulting” for staff and student leaders — this is where I sit in a designated spot and answer questions about membership retention, recruitment, programming initiatives, marketing, even t-shirt designs with anyone who pops in. I am happy to go to meals in dining halls with students, faculty, staff, or community stakeholders too! Whatever you need, the answer is pretty much always, “Sure, I’d love to.”

I bring 10+ years of experience to my workshops and keynotes so that you get a low maintenance and super flexible outside perspective that goes with the flow regardless of AV, room set up, or audience turn out. No matter what goes wrong, you get a powerful and effective program even if it is just you and me at the end of the evening over ice cream.

This is a promise.

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