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No Diva Policy:

jessicaPart of my job history has been bringing in speakers/trainers to my campus for my own programming needs. This has been very useful as I build up my contact base, consulting relationships, and repeat speaking engagements. I am VERY flexible in scheduling, pricing, and getting you more for your money. I would prefer to do more than one type of program while I am on your campus. I am low maintenance; do not have any contract riders or expectations that are out of the ordinary (remembering speakers that required navel oranges and Evian water backstage). I prefer no tech/AV programs. I have PowerPoint slides if needed and may require flip chart paper and tape.

I need to eat, sleep, and get to you. I need a signed contract before the scheduled event that both the purchaser and I agree on every detail via a conversation. I need the honorarium sent to my agent directly at the point of service unless otherwise agreed upon and noted in the contract. I love doing this kind of work, and I feel that my honorarium pricing scale reflects what I am worth, as well as what makes sense for your budget. I like campus housing and dining halls as well as pot lucks and motels. I require a lot of bottled water and laughs.

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