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What are people saying about Notice Notes?

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Notice Notes II Notice Notes III Now Available:

Notice Notes II
and Notice Notes III

You asked for it….
the second and third editions of Notice Notes!

Notice Notes was originally designed to help a single person develop their observations skills regarding power dynamics around them and their patterned reactions. Over the past several years its use has grown and extended beyond a one-on-one conversation to the classroom of many universities.

Upon request, I have compiled a full second and third edition of the reflection journal, pulling primarily from current events and a few from my own life.

Notice Notes Facilitation GuideIn addition to two new versions, I have also gathered syllabi, teacher’s guides, and programming plans together to offer the first Notice Notes – A <Huge> Facilitation Guide so that you can pick and choose how to use this tool.

To order your copies, visit my new online store!


Notice NotesNotice Notes

Often, in my social justice trainings, I am asked by participants for help in keeping their “tools” sharp. Notice Notes provides a space for weekly practice. Begin or continue on the path of self reflection to better understand how you show up in situations where power and privilege are at play. –Jessica

There are 52 weeks in a year and thousands of examples of power and privilege in our lives. Use this pocket-sized journal to track how you react (head, heart, or action) to different examples where power is at play. Notice these behaviors, discover patterns, and decide if you want to keep them by doing root work. This is the foundation of social justice work.

This Personal Weekly Reflection Journal is designed to help you keep your tracking skills finely tuned. Order your copies today. 10% of all proceeds from the purchase of this book goes to fund scholarships for the Social Justice Training Institute.

"Notice Notes was a huge success with UA Residence Life! The staff used them for two weeks to track bias, prejudice, and judgments in our work, in our own lives, and in our selves. The staff was excited to have a dedicated journal for tracking, rather than just me asking them to keep track in their heads. After the two week time-period, we came together and had some awesome discussion about what we'd noticed and its connection to social justice. Resident Assistant (RA) social justice training also included a discussion on tracking — I know some of our Community Directors plan to do on-going check in with their RAs about what they've been tracking, and use those conversations as a starting point for how we best build inclusive communities!" – Hannah Lozon, M.Ed., Coordinator of Social Justice Education, Residence Life, The University of Arizona

"I love your positive, non-scolding approach. I think what gets those of us who know a bit about your personal history is that you have every reason to be pissed off and angry, but you convey your message effectively without any of that.

You teach me so much in person and through this book. Notice Notes is a great way for us to help ourselves. I am grateful for how you are inclusive with your message. I was almost a gender studies minor in college, but the feminist jive was so angry at the time. I didn't find a professor who wasn't grinding an agenda. It is understandable because there is STILL plenty to be angry about.

You welcome us to take the opportunity to reflect and grow by noticing our judgments and their sources rather than deny that we judge. Cheers to that. And the beating of oneself up is something that stops so many of us from doing the hard work. Gandhi's lust, the image of some of Mother Theresa's days (the snooze button was a hoot) and the work of MLK Jr. was a piece of progress in the fight against racism, yet he had prejudices of his own. We are all human and learning as we go. That is a great message that will keep us moving. You are going to change the world." – Cindy Pierce, Finding The Doorbell,

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