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No one takes an oath to be average. I promise to walk my talk and that means that I keep putting myself in situations where I can learn.

To be a good teacher, I believe you must first be a good student. I keep my teaching, facilitation, and speaking skills sharp; I am always looking for new learnings for personal and professional growth.

So that I can best serve others, I have completed the following "extra credentials" and in turn use these experiences to be the best I can be for you.

I am a Certified Mediator from Humboldt Mediation Services and have taken the Basic Communication and Conflict Management workshops.

I became a Certified Event Planner from the University of Oregon, attended the Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI) in June 2003, SJTI 2 February 2005 & 2012, and served as an Intern June 2007, continue to serve as a LEAD facilitator for LeaderShape, and a Chapter Facilitator for UIFI.

Teaching Intercultural Communications for the Communication Department at Humboldt State University was a fabulous stretch for me as was serving as faculty for Campus Pride's Leadership Camp for three summers.

Delta Gamma and I continue to partner together through their PRO Speaker program, as well as NCAA and I am… Social Justice, to offer discounted (or free!) programming for campuses.

I am… Safe Zone: LGBT Ally Development DVD sales have partnered with a number of affiliates to offer steep discounts as membership benefits to ACPA, AFLV, Soulforce, Chi Epsilon, and several more are in the works!

It is also important that I attend other facilitated spaces, and I have participated in Stop The Hate Training, Landmark and Advanced Session, as well as a number of Peak Potential events.

Furthermore, I continue to be a part of a number of mastermind and meet-up groups of other National Speaker’s Association members, provide leadership to a number of Professional Education Groups, and support those applying for the designation I earned in 2012, NSA’s Certified Professional Speaker.

Lastly, I worked as an employee engagement consultant for Mercedes Benz Dealerships, Emcee and close American Talks Business events, and have launched to bring my humor and flexibility into the corporate and association markets.

I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to expand your own skills, to always support personal growth.

Here's to welcoming in the new!

©2007-2016 Jessica Pettitt, I am… Social Justice and Diversity Consultant and Facilitator, All rights reserved

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