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jessicaMy Style:

As I’ve be-bopped around the country, I have realized a few things…

  1. From the conservative conversations on my grandmother's porch in Texas to the bustling streets of New York City, there is social justice work to be done and I believe I am up for the challenge.
  2. I use A LOT of humor (and cuss words unless you tell me not to) in my workshops, trainings, and keynote speeches to keep the attention of participants and entertain them. It is at the end, as I am stepping away, that participants realize I have snuck in there, undercover, and taught them something.
  3. To be a good teacher, I must ALWAYS be willing to learn. I am an eternal student. I read, write, and attend trainings and workshops to maintain my skills and update my craft. However, the most important thing I do is LISTEN. I have learned more from my audiences than they will ever learn from me.



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