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Trans-specific Programs

Facing Trans: Inclusion, Advocacy, and Empowerment

Sticks and Stones: LGBT 101

Gender This!

Facing Trans: Inclusion, Advocacy, and Empowerment

I am... Safe ZoneThe "It Gets Better" campaign is good and it isn't doing enough. It doesn't get better for everyone. To make a difference, we need to examine ourselves, build, prepare, and support better LGBT Allies.

I pulled together my three favorite interactive activities, and the facilitator guides too — to train Safe Zone trainers, possibly to be used as a Safe Zone training, to update existing curriculums, or to be conversation starters/stirrers — it is everything at once. Sticks and Stones, Gender This!, and Messages I Learned (language/power dynamics, sex, gender, sexual identity, sexism/heterosexism, and socialization, collusion, and participant responsibility): three activities plus a bonus resource disc. Learn more!

Trans-specific Resources/Tools

Facing Trans program packet

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Transgender Issues in Fraternity & Sorority Life

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