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Interactive Workshops
Packed with Learning

More and more, meeting planners, conference organizers, and staff trainers are given a very short period of time to cover a lot of material. Moreover, outsiders are often called in for short periods of time to address one particular issue in reaction to an event that sits like an elephant in the room. All of my workshops are designed to accomplish your specific objectives including naming the elephant (reactive) and providing elephant training (proactive).

Social Justice Workshops

Typically, I would encourage a social justice or diversity workshop be entitled Social Justice: When Diversity Isn’t Enough (a great umbrella title), and then depending on time and the level of knowledge that is in the room at the point of the program, I will flow between Social Justice: When Diversity Isn’t Enough, and Just Rescue.

Great Second Breakouts:

LGBT Workshops

“You answered all of my questions knowledgeably and without making me feel dumb for asking.”
Attendee comment

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