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Whether you are talking about working in groups, bureaucracies, or just getting the hang of new policies and procedures — everything is linked together. This is a frustrating, interactive, and relieving program that helps you see how you communicate and work with others while keeping focus on a bigger picture. Once you can step out of your own perspective, you can really being to lead and work with other. Energize a group of 15-63 after lunch, early in the morning, or just break up a long day of training by really working together.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify group dynamics regarding communication styles
  • Develop listening skills and a better understanding of one's own communication patterns
  • Understand the pros and cons of strong leadership styles and extroverted personalities
  • Create a space for thinking outside of the box, other's perspectives, and multiple agendas

Comments from attendees:
"Jessica's Zoom activity was powerfully eye opening, as it caused human notions of uncertainty to become as natural as thinking. The amount of knowledge she possessed and chose to share with our group was phenomenal, it perfectly paralleled what obstacles we see when volunteering and how mistakenly foreign those notions were. With this, it created a beautiful discussion based on a new perspective that we could actually materialize and use. I would love to have been at more of her workshops!" –Jamaeca Dedrick, Homeless Network Program Director, Youth Educational Services

"I've never had a "picture book" blow my adult mind like that before. I really enjoyed seeing the minds of my peers work in motion as everyone was trying to figure out what the point/lesson of this workshop was (and not even being close when it was finally revealed). Can't wait to have another workshop with you. You're definitely my favorite speaker." –Laura Isaacs, Humboldt State University



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